2005 Demos

by Jesse Shepherd-Bates

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Jesse's demos recorded throughout 2005


released December 31, 2005


tags: rock Detroit


all rights reserved


Jesse Shepherd-Bates Detroit, Michigan

This is the home for all recordings that fall under the JSB Squad Umbrella - These include D'Orchestra, Jesse and The Gnome, The Satin Peaches, Jesse Shepherd-Bates, JSB Squad, and various other endeavors. Music music music!

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Track Name: Indigo Ink In a Red Pen
She goes left, I go right
She sees the day, I see the night
She stands on the ground, I float in the sky
She says bye when I say hi

She doesn’t care for me, but I really don’t care
And that just might be our only similarity
But she’s my only love

I hold my breath, she breathes the air
I break for death, she really couldn’t care less
I can’t laugh, she can’t cry
I know the answers while she wonders why

she seems certain but I just don’t know
when these words i say grow ever so apropos
she’s my only love

I feel it now more than ever before
I’ve waited before I guess I’ll wait some more
But waiting’s easy because I’m sure
That I am sure that I am sure

she’s the kind of girl who will make you want to melt
and this is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt in my whole life
she’s my only love
Track Name: Scrapperss
Don't tell me I don't know what I'm doing
I know what I'm doing
It's under control
Maybe you don't know what you're doing
Cause it sure looks like you're sticking your head in a hole

Don't tell me I don't know what romance is
You get all the chances love gives to you
Well maybe you don't know what romance is
It's more than skating around an issue or two

Well I'm not super keen on taking all of your advice
I don't happen to think it's very nice
To try to pick and choose your way through my life
Track Name: Calamity Jane Leigh
This girl I know
She’s my ideal
I gave her a rose
But she tossed it out like a banana peel

If she would just give me a chance to prove myself
Maybe she’d find a reason take me down off the shelf

I want to be nice
But she won’t have that
She won’t be nice
She’s like an angry cat

So irritable
Yet so desirable
This whole situation’s got me feeling miserable

If I could infiltrate that impenetrable shell
Maybe next time I smile she won’t tell me to go to hell

Making her smile may be impossible
And though this love may be implausible
And though to her I’m dead as a fossil
There’s something there that I can’t escape
Track Name: jo
I met you in the flowers
You said you’d picked one just for me
We stood there for an hour
Discussing how the world could be

If people were a little more like us
Or if we were more like them
Whichever it was, I don’t recall
But I know at the time it made sense

I’m sorry about the concussion
You know it was an accident
And I’m sorry about our last discussion
And the negative direction in which it went
If we don’t move fast we aren’t going to last

Sometimes I get lost in
That late September in Austin
Track Name: Timeout Box
Black and Blonde Hair
Sitting right there
Laughing and chewing her pen across the cafe
Black and Blonde Hair
She’s unaware
Of the antics in my brain that she creates

Whatever stroke of luck brought me here
I’ll never know, it may be forever unclear
But from now on all I think about is her

White sunglasses
With black lenses
Impeccable style and an ivory smile
White sunglasses
With black lenses
Where did you come from, I had given up for a while

What a silly way to introduce myself
At least I got myself off of the shelf
And from now on all I will think of is

Her eyes are too heavenly ethereal raving, heart enticing and talking has ended, really halted, entering a taller hall, entering round and round that table spread the books down.
Track Name: Homecoming
“I used to live here,” she says to her son
“This is the house where all my stories come from
Where every joy and heartbreak rested one by one
This was my home

This was my home once but now it’s as strange as a distant sun
This was my home once

That is the tree I climbed when I was sad
That is the place where I played catch with my dad
That is the spot where we buried my cat
This was my home

This was my home once but now it feels like something I read in a book
This was my home once”

She often maintained that she’d never come back, that she’d never come back to the place of her birth
But now she’s returned, she’s returned and she’s learned that you can’t relive a single moment on earth

“This was my home once but those years are set in stone and as ancient as time
This was my home once and though time has passed all those times still are mine.”
Track Name: Clancy's Trumpet
Indescribable is the only way to describe
How gorgeous you look tonight
It was like the whole room became 2D the moment that you looked at me and sat with the guy to my right.

Won't you stay til I go away?

I gaze at you from under my eyes so you won’t see and he won’t see
That you are the only thing I see
The corsage you wear, the ring you bear, the way he cares can’t compare
To the electricity you are giving me

Won't you stay til I go away?
Track Name: Making Things Interesting
I met a man who passed his and my time telling lies
And I admit I stopped to listen to them once or twice

He said he crawled through the jungle
Chasing cheetahs
He found the hottest peppers
And didn’t hesitate to eat them
He played baseball in Asia
Until he got bored
He won the Nobel prize
For creating a cure for the common snore

He taught me the wrong rules for chess just for a laugh
He told me Abe Lincoln had asked for his autograph

He climbed Mt Everest
Invented Vanilla
Booked a room in Pompeii
And was raised by a purple gorilla

Although in reality his life my have been as boring as anyone’s
At least in his mind I can guarantee that he had a lot more fun
Track Name: Obligatory Observations
There are a million things to do
None of which appeal to you
But you find you must pursue

The cause, you must persevere
Even with that mosquito whispering in your ear
It’s a sound you must endear

When you take a look outside
All you can see is how cracks collide
In the sidewalks on which kids ride

Their bikes, riding too fast
Not letting any enjoyment last
You’d think they’d think about how now will soon be the past
Track Name: Till the Morning Comes
I believe we’ll go till the morning comes
I believe I’ll go when the morning comes
I believe we’ll know when the evening’s done
I believe we’ll go till the morning comes

And we don’t have to believe it
To know that we both need it
And we don’t need absolution
Yeah we don’t need absolution

I will be okay till the morning comes
We’ll look the other way when the morning comes
Will we have much to say when we see the sun?
I will be okay till the morning comes

And we don’t have to be all right to
See who takes the daylight from whom
And we don’t need absolution
Yeah we don’t need absolution

Nothing will have changed till the morning comes
What will be the same when the morning comes?
We know we can’t stay when the day has begun
Nothing will have changed till the morning comes

And if we could just be human
Then nothing would be ruined
And we don’t need absolution
Yeah we don’t need absolution
Track Name: Molto Bella
Am I going to
A big black box
When I switch sides someday
A hundred yards or so across
And humid every day

Will I see other people there
With their own thoughts
They do or don’t share
Or will I be alone
In a box of my own

A big black box
Could be where I find
The answers to things
I’ve never known
A big black box
Could someday be my home
Track Name: Don't Settle (Quite Yet)
I promise I’ll see you soon
Even if it’s not in that old room
In which we shared our time before

It’s really not my fault
I didn’t want to leave you at all
But that’s just how things go

Don’t settle down quite yet

You know you wouldn’t feel so alone
If you were able to use the phone
But that’s not how you’re made

You know I know it’s rough
I’m at the point where I’ve had enough
But I’ll just have to wait