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by Jesse Shepherd-Bates

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Back in 2016 I recorded some demos with Zach Shipps at RV Audio Lab. I think I was planning on making a follow-up to the D'Orchestra "Prelude" album. The demos never really went anywhere. Maybe they will some day. Maybe they won't. But I haven't shared anything in a while and I thought maybe you'd like a song or two.

The demos are in various states of development. Play It Cool is barely touched, but it was part of the project so it's up here. I think Nick has something in mind for it. I'll let you know.

Here's a little bit about what I was going for here.

Worst Date Ever is the story of someone dying on a Homecoming date. I was thinking about weird songs that Eastern European ladies passed down to their kids and grandkids. This is a fabricated story; all my homecomings were just fine, thank you very much.

She's On Her Own was me coming to terms with being separated from someone in an age in which the internet shoves all your breakups in your face. I'm sure you've been there.

Stay An Hour Or Two is actually the song that started the D'Orchestra concept back in the Woodbridge days. It didn't make it on that album, and still hasn't made it on an album. I guess this counts? There's a cool video out there with Erik, Topher, Nick, The Borques and Madison jamming this in The Castle from 2012.

She's The Only One was one of my Song A Day songs. Back in early 2011 I tried writing or finishing a song a day for a month, which I'd upload to Youtube to hold myself accountable. I can't remember if I finished the whole month. But I always loved this song. Steph did weird things with vegetables in the youtube video, as I recall.

The Girl In the Silver Silk Shimmering Dress is a song I've been kicking around for almost 10 years. I've tried to include it in every project I've ever had and it never fit in. Aaron and Katie sang really cool harmonies on it in the recycling center - they're missing from the demo, as well as the clarinet solo that lives in my head.

For Bad and For Good I have no recollection of writing. I found a recording of an early version on my old Android phone when I was dumping files and had to reteach it to myself. It's nice to have a bonafide love song on here. An unconfident love song, but a love song.

4:30 Dancer has been kicking around for a while as well. I was reflecting on a relationship that I ruined and drank away for a while. I wrote this song sitting on the floor with a keyboard on my lap and a bottle of wine next to me. Not the best look.

Play It Cool I never put vocals on. It was about something. I'm not going to tell you what it was about. But it was kind of dirty.

Leaving My Baby Alone is a song I wrote on my porch in Woodbridge. Lailani and Paige really liked it. Then later Patrick Davy played and sang it better than I ever did. It's a pretty self explanatory tune.

Closer Than You Know is another song from the D'Orchestra concept. James Linck tinkered with an awesome version that I wish I still had. I remember playing this song in the Woodbridge Pub community garden when Andrew and I dragged a piano out there.


released April 6, 2017

Zach Shipps produced and recorded everything and made drum and percussion stuff. Jesse played everything and sang.


tags: rock Detroit


all rights reserved


Jesse Shepherd-Bates Detroit, Michigan

This is the home for all recordings that fall under the JSB Squad Umbrella - These include D'Orchestra, Jesse and The Gnome, The Satin Peaches, Jesse Shepherd-Bates, JSB Squad, and various other endeavors. Music music music!

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